20-gallon Solar Heated Hot Water Heater and Shower - Steps 7 Through 11


Step 7 - Lay 55 gallon contractor bag flat in box. Attach shower hose at proper location using hose mender/connector. To do this, insert connecter into the bag, place 3/4" piece of hose over the plastic, and then place the hose mender clamp over and tighten. After it is tightened, cut a hole in the bag where water flows through the connecter to the shower head.

Step 8 -  Feed end of bag through bag closure and also place the hose with cut off end inside the bag so it protrudes into the shower box a few inches. Secure bag closure top - this will hold the bag and hose in place.

Step 9 - Attach 8 x 10 tarp around shower about halfway up the 2x4's (1 3/4" up from bottom of box) with staples or roofing nails. The 8 x 10 tarp worked perfectly for me - I did not have to trim a bit! Also, the tarp I used could be tucked under the wood pallet I has on the bottom of the shower and thus not blow around in the wind.

Step 10 - Attach 39" long 2x2 (or 1x2) plastic-securing piece to wall about 12" above top of shower.  Staple clear plastic to this piece and secure to front of shower as shown below. Staple plastic to non-hose side and on right side (looking at shower) of front. Do not staple to hose side but instead, secure with removable 5"x7" wood panels as shown below. The removable panels allow you to lift the plastic up and  remove the securing 2x2 if you need to change the water bag.

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Note: The clear plastic on top serves two functions: it keeps rain from getting into your shower box and also helps the bag to heat up, even on cold, but sunny days. Also note that the 3/4" strip allows the bag to fill up to a depth of a little over 4" inches instead of 3.5" before overflowing.

Step 11 - Add accessories. An old wood pallet to stand on is nice to have so you are not standing in mud - also, the tarp can be fastened to the pallet. For a shower head, I used a watering head from an old broken watering sprayer. I made a towel rack from an old trouble lamp handle and made a soap shampoo tray from the lid of a broken plastic tackle box.

That's it!  Now fill the shower until it starts to overflow the side - when it overflows this means it is filled to capacity. Wait a few hours for the sun to warm up the water and enjoy!


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